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Spartan Slots Privacy Statement

We, at Spartan Slots, both respect and recognize the importance of confidentiality and are committed to the protection of your privacy. Our mission to provide the highest level of integrity and security for our valued players is accompanied by our promise to apply this standard to the best of our ability at all times. The following Privacy Policy is in place to assure your protection and peace of mind, and represents our continued effort to provide a safe and entertaining gaming experience.

User Information

All user information obtained or stored is confidential. Such information may be collected via registration, customer communication, and/or third party agencies and includes but is not limited to Names, e-mail addresses, mailing and/or physical address, phone numbers, credit card or other financial data, IP details, and information gathered from user surveys or other communication. Information collected by Spartan Slots is used for identification, processing requests, customer notifications, marketing, assisting with customer support, maintaining the security of our operations, and assistance in improving our site and services.

We will not sell, trade, or otherwise compromise your personal or financial information to any unneccessary entity. Disclosure of information for purposes of providing optimal service may include agencies or advisors within the Spartan Slots group, auditors, contractors, investors or potential purchasers. Receipt of information, and/or any processing of information is subject to specific data processing agreement where required by law, to preserve the confidentiality of such.

No user information will be released to any government agency or authority unless required by law.

Personal information collected from the user is not stored for any amount of time longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was obtained, however we reserve the right to retain any information that is deemed to have bearing on circumstances in accordance with our user agreement including, but not limited to the enforcement of our Terms & Conditions, compliance with legal and technical issues, and resolution of disputes.

Spartan Slots applies all possible safeguards to your privacy to the best of our ability, but assumes no liabilty for the disclosure of confidential information due to events and/or circumstances beyond our control such as errors in transmission and unauthorized third-party access. The user is solely responsible for account access and maintaining the confidentiality of his account details and password information

Limit of Confidentiality

Disclosure of information may be required due to circumstances in compliance with the legal process. These include, but are not limited to the protection of Spartan Slots's rights and/or property, investigation of fraudulent activity, intellectual property rights infringement, piracy, or any other activity associated with legal liability.

Updates/Modifications to Privacy Policy

Spartan Slots reserves to the right to update, alter, or modify our Privacy Policy at any time. Changes to provisions in this policy will be promptly posted to inform users of any and all modifications. Following any policy change, continued access and/or use of the Spartan Slots, site, and/or services implies acceptance on the part of the user.

Spartan Slots Anti-Spam Policy

Spartan Slots has a zero tolerance policy with regard to Spam, invoking the strictest guidelines for all marketing practices. Spam, as defined as unsolicited email, junk mail, UCE (unsolicited commercial email) or any other mail that has not been requested by the recipient will not be sent to our customers, as a matter of practice and policy.

Anti-Spam Laws

As the laws pertaining to Spam differ from country to country, Spartan Slots adheres to a stringent and inclusive protocol in place to protect the rights of customers worldwide. In compliance with the highest of standards, Spartan Slots will never practice the following:

  • Purchase or use of third party email lists. Members who have not subscribed or specifically requested our mails will not recieve mails from Spartan Slots.

  • Use misleading or inaccurate information in the subject line of emails.

  • Use of false headers or other deceptive means to conceal the true origin and/or transmission path of any mail.

  • Send spam as defined above to our customers

Notification and Agreement

By accepting our Terms of Use, you agree to receive legitimate and relevant promotional and informational emails. Use of service, however, does not require this condition and all customers have the ability to Opt out at any time, thereby discontinuing any and all mails from Spartan Slots. All correspondence sent contains an 'Unsubscribe' link for use in conveniently removing your name from all mailing lists. Customers may, at any time, re-subscribe and resume mailings from Spartan Slots.

Contact Spartan Slots Support for questions or assistance regarding our Privacy Policy