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Our Live Support team is available 24/7 via the Spartan Slots Website or directly from the Casino for your convenience.

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Spartan Slots Casino Cashier

We hate being kept away from the game as much as you do, so Spartan Slots focuses on quick and secure transactions when it comes to banking. We only work with experts in the field of online cash transactions to make sure that all deposits and withdrawals are executed in a secure manner, as well as delivering prompt and accurate payment of your winnings. Still, since some banks employ restrictions with regards to online casino transactions and some credit card companies enforce limits on the deposit and withdrawal amounts for their customers, it is best if you can have another payment method available standing by.

Payment Methods

Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We take no shortcuts in providing our customers with payment methods that are both safe and easy to employ. For that reason Spartan Slots Casino accepts several credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Although Spartan Slots Casino works with Visa International, MasterCard and American Express, some banks prohibit their cardholders from making transactions with online casinos. Moreover, the credit card companies themselves place restrictions on the amount of money you can deposit into and withdraw from the Casino. That’s why having an alternative payment method is recommended in order to facilitate transactions.

Furthermore, due to restrictions imposed upon the Spartan Slots Casino by Visa International, MasterCard and American Express, we can no longer process any portion of any withdrawal to a credit card including the players' original deposits made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards. All payment and withdrawals will be processed by withdrawal methods provided and stated in the withdrawal section of the Spartan Slots Casino Cashier.

Secure Deposits with my Credit Card?

Security is a prime concern for any individual, and one shared by the Spartan Slots, therefore we aim for the highest standards in security in all financial transactions.

Spartan Slots Casino’s fraud and finance division carefully screens and investigates the transaction processing companies we use for all our credit card transactions. We also constantly analyze, check and improve all our processing methods. All Credit Card details are submitted on a Secure Socket Layer and via a MD5 encrypted technology device. It means that your Credit Card details and personal information that you submit into our online deposit form are invisible to us on our end. We don’t see your important card details. For example, your Visa Credit Card would look something like this to us: 4XXX XXXX XXXX 1234. We see the first number of the card telling us it’s a Visa, a MasterCard or an American Express transaction and of course the last four digits are important as they will help us trace your deposit into your personal Spartan Slots Casino account. The actual information we see is your full name, address, telephone number and email address. This information is unique to your personal Spartan Slots Casino profile.

Furthermore your Credit Card details are guaranteed 100% privacy. Our unique software securely passes your Credit Card information to a Gateway Interface or Virtual Terminal that is provided by the Credit Card Processing Company. The Virtual Terminal receives your data via the SSL encrypted channel.

Using my Credit Card at Spartan Slots?

There’s nothing quicker than using a credit card when it comes to finance. Just fuel your Spartan Slots account from your card and provide yourself with near instant access to all the features we provide.

All Credit Card transactions are processed in USD and the deposits you are making into your Spartan Slots Casino account are compliant with Visa, MasterCard and American Express regulations.

So what happens when I finally go through the deposit steps and add my Credit Card details yet my deposit is declined?

We are able to provide excellence when it comes to all services provided, such as casino games, security and the relaxing atmosphere, but unfortunately we are not the bank and we cannot guarantee your Credit Card transaction will be successful.

However, we can guarantee solutions!

There are many reasons why your card may be declined. A few examples of the most common reasons are:

  • It is extremely important that your account information be correct on the deposit form, meaning your name, card number, card verification number, address (must be the same as your card's billing address) all match to your card details.
  • You don't have sufficient funds available on your credit card. Check with your card company to verify your available balance.
  • Many banks these days will simply decline Credit Card transactions (for our US customers) because they see the deposit related to gaming. This is why Spartan Slots offers solutions for this problem!

The best possible solutions:

  • Use a method at Spartan Slots where you can sign up for a FREE account, fund that account with your Credit Card and then transfer the money into your Spartan Slots account.
  • Select an alternative deposit option that best suit you in our cashier.
  • Talk to Spartan Slots live support for advice!

Skrill Moneybookers

Skrill Moneybookers is a worldwide e-wallet that offers a quick and easy way to make instant deposits to your casino account. It’s quick and easy, fundable by your credit/debit card, internet banking deposits and local payments – depending on your country


ecoPayz is an e-wallet which functions as a pre paid debit card which does not require credit card details. Quick to use and easy to register, it uses international payment methods such as credit cards plus local in-country methods, such as, bank transfers in over 25 countries. ecoPayz also lets you transfer funds from and to other ecoPayz account holders globally - instantly and securely. Open ecoPayz account here

Advantages – secure (no need to reveal your identity), very easy and quick to become an ecoPayz member, no fees, does not require a credit card, you can fund your ecoPayz using various local in-country methods.

Advantages – A reliable eWallet company, highly secure, fast, your account is instantly funded by credit card or your bank account (no need to fund in advance).


Neteller is a fast and easy E-wallet for instant online transactions. You can fund your Neteller account using a variety of ways according to the country of residence and include credit card, online check, instacash, bank wire, internet banking and ATM card. Before depositing with Neteller you will have to open an account.

Advantages – The world's largest and most successful independent money transfer company, ensure customer identification and preventing fraud, instant transactions, variety of ways to fund your Neteller account according to the country of residence.

InstaDebit (IDS)

InstaDebit is a safe and secure e-wallet service for making online payments from a personal bank account. IDS is a guaranteed service for the European market and an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) non-guaranteed service for the Canadian market. When using InstaDebit, clients can open a personal bank account and thus benefit of certain banking services: the possibility to view their transactions history and to control their account balance.


BankWire is a secure payment method that accredits us to electronically transfer funds to a client’s personal or business checking account. In order to facilitate this transfer, customers are required to send us an email at, together with their routing number (ABA number) and checking account number. Please be aware that the minimum withdrawal amount is set to $100. Also, the corresponding fees for this option are as following: $10 for amounts below $1000 and $20 for amounts starting with $1000. Once the withdrawal is approved, clients shall receive their winnings in maximum 12 business days.

Fast Cheque

Fast Cheque is a currently restricted payment method to clients who have a bank account that can be accessed via ATM machines. Keep in mind that fast checks are not delivered to PO boxes. The maximum delivery timeframe is 12 business days and the delivery costs include a $20 fee. The minimum withdrawal amount is $300.


Ukash is a secure online cash payment provider that allows customers to exchange cash for unique 19-digit Ukash codes, which can be used in online transactions. Ukash can be used on the spot for secure payment.


Withdrawal Policy

In order to withdraw your winnings, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on Withdrawal at the cashier
  • Choose the appropriate withdrawal method
  • Fill in the form

Current withdrawal methods:


  • You can cash out an unlimited amount
  • Withdrawal requests will take up to 4 days to be processed


  • You can cash out an unlimited amount
  • Withdrawal requests will take up to 4 days to be processed

Skrill Moneybookers

  • You can cash out an unlimited amount
  • Withdrawal requests will take up to 4 days to be processed


  • You can cash out an unlimited amount
  • Withdrawal requests will take up to 4 days to be processed


  • You can cash out an unlimited amount
  • Withdrawal requests will take up to 4 days to be processed

Fast Check

  • You can cash out an unlimited amount
  • Withdrawal requests will take up to 4 days to be processed

*These withdrawal options are available to a specific number of countries. For more information, please contact our Customer Support Department.

Important Information

There is no limit to the amount a player can withdraw but there is a maximum amount that can be withdrawn in one week depending on the member’s VIP level.

Please note that while a withdrawal request is being processed, its status will be “Pending”. While the request is being processed, you can still cancel your request and all funds will be transferred back to your player account. You can then continue playing without the need to deposit again.

There is no need for you to withdraw your winnings at the end of each session. Your account balance is saved by our secure casino server each time you log off from the casino; the moment you log on again, your account balance will be immediately available.

In order to withdraw from your casino account, you might need to provide identification documents such as: credit card copies, utility bills or driver’s license. This possible documentation request is done in order to protect casino players from fraud and theft.

Due to Credit Card regulations, we are not allowed to return funds to your Credit Card account. Cash outs will be returned via one of our other payment methods which support withdrawals, as mentioned above. For more information, contact

Please note:

  • Before players are allowed to cash out winnings, all wagering requirements must be fulfilled
  • A fee of $10 is applied for ACH if the approved withdrawal amount is under $1,000, and a fee of $20 if the approved withdrawal amount is of $1,000 or more. A $20 fee is applied for withdrawals requested through paper check, and a $28.75 fee for withdrawals requested through Bank Wire. (please note that some options might not be available in your area, please contact our Customer Support Department for more information).

View the CC voucher here (.pdf format)

View the ACH voucher here (.pdf format)